In–Room Fish Sales

The Spree-on-Three

Only a few weeks before then convention we still have a few rooms available on the 3rd floor for the famous Spree on Three Friday night. If you too want to be in on the fun and sell fish, plants, or hobby related items out of your room contact the in-room sales coordinator soon. 


Registered AACC22 convention attendees may sell fish, plants, hobby-related items, and crafts from their hotel guest rooms. No fish, plants or other items may be sold in the public areas of the hotel or on hotel grounds ( no exceptions are permitted by hotel security). In-room fish sellers must have a room booked under the Catfish Convention hotel block of rooms   (, and be registered for the convention. One of the unique attractions of the Catfish Convention is the Friday night Spree-on-Three, an evening-long shopping party where in-room fish sellers are clustered together on one hotel floor, room doors are open, and convention guests can walk from room to room looking to purchase fish or just engage in conversations with friends, new and old. This year the Friday night event once again will be on the 3rd Floor.


If you intend to sell from your room and want to be located on the 3rd floor, you must inform the in-room sales coordinator through the "Contact" section of the web page. The staff at Hyatt Dulles will not place you on the 3rd floor at the time you make a room reservation, only the AACC22 staff can do so.


AACC22 will provide large bulletin boards both on the 3rd floor and convention lobby area for displaying  what each room has to offer for sale for Friday night and during the entire convention. Pre-formatted pages , 8.5 x 11 inch, will be provided for each seller which may be filled out either by sellers or at the convention site by the in-room coordinator, and displayed on the bulletin boards.  The hotel will also place one 6 foot table upon your arrival in your room on the 3rd Floor to assist you in displaying your fish or other items for sale. You must provide your own tanks/containers, racks, and any other equipment to display your items for sale.  You are also responsible for the condition of your room and any damage that may incur from your display.

All questions may be directed through the "Contact" section of this web page.  Please note: There are only 26 rooms on the 3rd floor of the hotel, so if you plan on selling from the 3rd floor, try to book early. Double rooms are very limited on the 3rd floor, so please reserve a king room for the 3rd floor in-room sellers event if that meets your needs.  3rd floor rooms are available on a first-come, first served basis.

Additional information is provided below in the .pdf attachments to help plan how you might want to arrange the suite side of your room for table placement or for your own racks or set-up materials. The pdf drawing with measurements could be a reverse image room (sleeping part toward left or toward right). This is the general layout, but some rooms may vary slightly from this diagram, but still have plenty of space.  


A downloadable page for listing your items for sale on the AACC22 bulletin boards will be sent in an email to all 3rd Floor sellers closer to the actual convention date, along with your actual room number of the room on that floor.