Platinum Sponsor

Sponsors and Vendors

Here is a list of our current sponsors and vendors. If you would like to become a sponsor or vendor, please see opportunities below.

Corporate Sponsor 

Aqueon returns as the Corporate Sponsor of the All-Aquarium Catfish Convention. We extend a special thanks to them for their support of the hobby and this special event.

Please stop by the Aqueon vendor booth to visit with Andy Hudson who will be representing Aqueon again in 2018.

Current Sponsors

All Oddball Aquatics

Amazon Tropics

Amazonas Magazine

AJ’s Fishroom

Conspicuous Designs

Dr. Tim’s Aquatics


Go Wild Peru

Mike’s Cichlids

MT Amazonas Expeditions

Potomac Valley Aquarium Society



Swiss Tropicals



Gold Coast Aquatics

Freshwater Exotics

Florida Aquatic Nurseries

Cobalt Aquatics


South Central Cichlids

The Wet Spot

Segrest Farms

Pleco Feeder

Aquarium Fertilizer

Super Cichlids

Capital Cichlid Association

Sponsors donating $500 or more will be recognized as Gold Sponsors, $250 or more as Silver Sponsors, and all others as Sponsors. Sponsors will have their logos displayed on the All-Aquarium Catfish Convention website and in the program brochure. Gold and silver sponsors will have their logos featured on the PVAS website for 2 years. For any donation, sponsors will be recognized at that portion of the event sponsored. 

Send us a message on the Contact Us page for more information on how to become a sponsor. 


Vendor Opportunities 

Vendor registration is $150 for which vendors receive:

  • Up to 4 (four) draped 60” by 30” tables in vendor area, arranged as horseshoe or in parallel
  • Complimentary convention registrations for 2 vendors per company represented
  • Vendor logo/banner ad produced in the AACC18 program and on website
  • Your product brochures and/or samples placed in each convention tote bag

Send us a message on the Contact Us page for more information on how to become a vendor.