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Sponsorship Opportunities

Please support us in our efforts to bring world-class speakers from around the globe to the Catfish Convention. To sponsor a speaker, simply click the button. You will come to the Contact Us page. Write in the name of the speaker you would like to sponsor and send us the message. We will reply with instructions to send a check made out to AACC18 to PVAS, PO Box 664, Merrifield, VA  22116. Many thanks to all of those who have already sponsored a speaker. You make it all possible!


Bob Bock "Native Fishes of Virginia"     $200 Patchin Curtis
Eric Bodrock "Breeding Plecos"     $200 David Sombach
Hans Evers "Habitats of Plecos"     $200 James River Aquarium Society
Hans Evers "Southern Corys"     $200  
Ian Fuller "The "Real Corydoras"     $200 Don Kinyon
Rob McLure "Aspidoras and Scleromystax"     $200 Freshwater Exotics
Regina Spotti "Little Brown Bottom Feeders"     $200 Christine Keys
Luiz Tencatt "Plecos & Corys"     $200 Megan McGuire
Kamphol Udomritthiruj "Siamese Cats"     $200  
The MdD Boys "Banquet Presentation" $200 Go Wild Peru