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Bowl Show Sponsorships

A fantastic Bowl Show with lots of classes, prizes, and ribbons requires the support of convention goers and aquarium hobbyists. Express your appreciation and solidarity by sponsoring a class or award today! To sponsor a class or one of the big awards, please contact with the name of the class or award you would like to sponsor.  We will respond with where to mail a check or pay by PayPal.

Best of Show All Catfish     $150 Chico's Natural Pet Market
Best of Show All Freshwater     $150 Capital Cichlid Association
People's Choice Award     $150 Tropical Fish Club of Burlington, Montreal Aquarium Society, and Otter Valley Aquarium Society
Catfish Class 1: Callichthyid Catfishes     $85 Don Kinyon
Catfish Class 2: Loricariid Catfishes     $85 Aquatic Life Farm, LLC
Catfish Class 3: All Other Catfishes     $85 Aquatic Life Farm, LLC
FW Class 1: Discus and Angelfishes     $85 Manuel Moro
FW Class 2: Dwarf Cichlids     $85 David Snell, PVAS
FW Class 3: Cichlids     $85  
FW Class 4: Wild-Type Livebearers Pairs Only     $85  
FW Class 5: Domesticated Livebearers Pairs Only     $85  
FW Class 6: Schooling Fishes     $85 Carol Cowherd, PVAS
FW Class 7: Anabantoids     $85  
FW Class 8: Killifishes Pairs Only     $85 Chesapeake Area Killifish Club (CAKC)
FW Class 9: Loaches     $85 Marty and Charlie Verdery, JRAS
FW Class 10: Freshwater Invertebrates     $85  
FW Class 11: All Other Freshwater Fishes   $85 Bob Bock