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Regina Spotti

Regina Spotti is a nature-holic. Interested in anything that creeps, crawls, hops, flies, and swims since childhood, she became interested in fish at quite an early age. Growing up, there was always a fish tank in the family home. Now that she lives with her fellow hobbyist/love of her life, she has her own two fish rooms filled with more fishes than she ever dreamed of as a kid (and she still wants more!). A great variety of different species of Catfish occupy nearly every tank in her rooms-those little guys that hover and those that hide have found their way into her heart. Her beloved mochokiella, many species of auchenipterids, odd oto’s, small loaches-these are some of the species she will introduce us to. Little brown bottom dwellers and those “ugly” scavengers are among her favorite fishes and she’s going to introduce us to some of them. there’s plenty to learn-many have not been bred in captivity. She would like to share some successes with you and hopefully she’ll convince you to make a place in your home for a few new, neat little characters!