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Hans – Georg Evers

Hans – Georg Evers lives in Hamburg, Germany and is since his very early days an aquarist by heart. Starting with a community tank his interest soon specialised in African cichlids of the Lake Tanganjika and later on West Africa. In the early Eighties, his interest changed into catfish and until today the Corydoradinae and Loricariidae are his most favoured fish, followed by tetras, rainbowfish and all other imaginable freshwater fishes. Hans so far has bred and raised more than 400 different species of freshwater fishes in his tanks. The majority of those are the Corydoras which count to 135 different spp. actually, but also the Loricariidae with more than 40 different spp.. Since the early days of the L-code-fever he is keeping and breeding them.

Hans Evers is a busy traveller, giving talks on fish and collecting species. He fluently speaks English, Portuguese and a bit of Spanish and has visited already many tropical countries in search for new and interesting fishes for the aquarium hobby. Countless journeys were undertaken to the Amazon, mainly to Brazil, where he collected in all bigger affluents of the Amazonas river and other parts of the huge country. So he did in Peru, Venezuela and others. Also Asian countries, mainly Indonesia have been visited quite a few times. During recent years he travelled to New Guinea and found many undescribed species of rainbowfish.

About his experiences and findings he published 12 books, e.g. the two volumes of “Mergus catfish atlas” together with his good friend Ingo Seidel and the “Identification Guide to Corydoradinae Catfishes” with Ian Fuller, and worldwide more than 800 articles in hobbyist magazines. Since 2005, he is the chief editor of the German aquarium magazine AMAZONAS. In this magazine all new and spectacular tropical fishes are being promoted, many of them for the first time.