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Bob Bock

Bob Bock has been collecting and keeping fish since he was 7 years old, when he brought home two mummichog from the Hackensack River Meadowlands of New Jersey. Bob likes writing and speaking about aquarium fish and belongs to all the Washington, D.C. area's freshwater aquarium societies. He is past president of the North American Native Fishes Association and author of the "Meet the Hobbyist" column of Tropical Fish Hobbyist. Cyprinids are his main interest, but he has also bred catfish, sunfish, cichlids, livebearers, loaches, and killifish. When he's not busy in his fishroom, Bob likes collecting native fishes and has led the native fishes collecting trip for the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society's All-Aquarium Catfish Convention since the first convention in 2004.
Whether you're about to embark on your first native fish collecting trip or are veteran of the convention's past trips, Bob will let you know what you'll need, and what you can expect. He'll survey the major groups of fresh water fishes in Virginia, from the coast to the mountains. In between the colorful fish photos and fish descriptions, he'll also work in a few "how-to" slides: license requirements, regulations, collecting gear, equipment, and how to transport captive fish.  Along with shots of the state's colorful minnows and darters, he'll show you how to identify fish that look cute when they're small, but grow into tank-busting behemoths that are better off left in the stream.