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Bowl Show

All-Aquarium Catfish Convention
2018 Bowl Show

Catfish Classes
1. Callichthyid Catfishes (Corydoras and allies)
2. Loricariid Catfishes (New World suckermouth catfishes, plecos and allies)
3. All Other Catfishes (including woodcats)

All Other Freshwater Classes
1. Discus and Angelfishes
2. Dwarf Cichlids - under 4” when mature
3. Cichlids - over 4” when mature
4. Wild-Type Livebearers - Pairs Only. This class is only for specimens that have not been selectively bred or hybridized for color, shape or fin form.
5. Domesticated Livebearers - Pairs Only.
6. Schooling Fishes - 1 to 6 entries allowed per container. This class is for Tetras, Barbs, Minnows, etc., unless another class is appropriate.
7. Anabantoids – (Gouramis and allies)
8. Killifishes - Pairs Only.
9. Loaches - Includes all bottom-dwelling, cypriniform fishes
10. Freshwater Invertebrates
11. All other freshwater fishes not fitting into classes listed above.

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Bowl Show Prizes

Winning specimens from each class will be awarded ribbons and cash prizes as follows:

1st Place $50.00
2nd Place $25.00
3rd Place $10.00.

The Best-Of-Show Catfish will receive a prize of $150 and a ribbon.  

The Best-of-Show All-Freshwater entry will receive a prize of $150 and a ribbon.  

The People’s Choice entry, selected by convention registrants from either Catfish or All-Freshwater entries, will receive a prize of $150 and a ribbon.

If you would like to sponsor a BOWL SHOW  class $85 per class or any of the big awards $150, contact

Bowl Show Rules

1. The Bowl Show at the All-Aquarium Catfish Convention will take place between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm at the convention on Saturday, October 6, 2018.
Entries must be set up between 10:00 am and noon.
Public viewing of entries is available during set up and until judging starts.
Judging will start at 3:00 pm.  Doors will be closed during judging.  Public viewing will again commence when judging is complete, and doors are reopened.
The soonest you may remove your entries is 5:00 pm, unless you get permission from the Bowl Show staff.
All entries must be removed by 7:00 pm.
2. You must be registered for the convention to participate in the Bowl Show.  You can register for the convention now or anytime at or on the day of the Bowl Show at the convention registration desk.
3. A fee of $5.00 is assessed for each entry to the Bowl Show.  Entry fees may be paid in advance through the convention web portal or on site at the registration desk for the Bowl Show.  These fees are not refundable.
4. You must register your entries by name (scientific and/or common) and receive an entry number for each entry.  You will need to write this entry number on blue tape and place it on the tank or bowl.  There will be a single-page registration form for each class.  The entry number, for example, for a catfish in class 1 and the third entry in this class would be C-1-3.  For an entry in the All-aquarium class 13 entry line 9, the number would be A-13-9.  When you are ready to register, you find the entry form for the class you are entering and sign up on the first available line.
5. You must provide a container for each of your Bowl Show entries. The Bowl Show staff will not have any containers to lend. Containers must have at least one flat, clear side to allow an undistorted view of the fish. The container must not be decorated or painted or used for advertisement.  No plants or substrate or internal decorations are allowed, with the exception of a small (less than an inch in any dimension) clump of moss or hornwort when showing invertebrates, such as shrimp.  Containers must be an appropriate size for the specimen shown.  A clear colorless glass lid or plastic wrap lid may be used for the container. Plastic wrap will be provided for the contestant’s use. Colored lids are not allowed, like those on critter keepers.  Bowl Show staff and judges will disallow any entry not consistent with these rules.
6. The Bowl Show is at maximum a 7 to 9-hour event.  No heaters or filters are allowed and should not be needed if the fish and water have be prepared as recommended: - 78388.  Aeration also should not be needed except for very large fish, but contestants are allowed to provide aeration for their entrants. Contestants must provide their own air pump (battery powered air pumps are recommended), extension cord, airline, and air stone. Pumps may have to be placed on the floor.  The convention site has electrical outlets at various locations near the Bowl Show tables. It is recommended that contestants bring all the water they will need to the Bowl Show.  The Bowl Show staff will provide water treatment chemicals and untreated tap water for entries.  The Bowl Show staff takes no responsibility for the condition of the entries or containers provided by the contestants at any time during the Bowl Show.
7. Judges will assess entries by the size, color, condition and deportment of the entry as compared to standards for each fish. Judges will select 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for each class, as well as a Best-of-Show from the catfish entries and a Best-of-Show from the all-species entries.  Judges have sole discretion to choose winning entries, and at all times the judges’ decisions are final.  Judges will be impartial and selected for their expertise in each class they judge.
8. The People’s Choice winner will be selected by the votes of registrants from all entrants in the Bowl Show.  Every registered attendee will receive one ballot to be cast for his or her favorite Bowl Show entry. Ballots can be cast at any time during the show. Voting ends at 5pm.
9. Judges and/or Bowl Show staff may move entries between classes if they are incorrectly benched or misidentified.
10. Hybrid entries may be included but contestants should recognize that a lack of standards for some hybridized fishes might present challenges for judges to recognize the quality of the entry.
11. Awards will be announced at the Banquet on Saturday evening.  Sign up for the banquet at Contestants are encouraged but not required to be present to accept awards.