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Bowl Show

All-Aquarium Catfish Convention 2018 BOWL SHOW Classes

Catfish Classes
    1. Callichthyid Catfishes (Corydoras and allies)
    2. Loricariid Catfishes (New World suckermouth catfishes, plecos and allies)
    3. All Other Catfishes

All-Freshwater Classes
    1. Discus and Angelfishes
    2. Dwarf Cichlids (under 4” mature)
    3. Cichlids (over 4” mature)
    4. Wild-Type Livebearers - Pairs Only (Only specimens that have not been selectively-bred or hybridized for color, shape or fin form will be accepted in this class).
    5. Domesticated Livebearers - Pairs Only
    6. Schooling Fishes, 1 to 6 entries allowed per container (Tetras, Barbs, Minnows, etc., unless another class is provided)
    7. Anabantoids (Gouramis and allies)
    8. Killifishes - Pairs Only
    9. Loaches - Includes all bottom-dwelling, cypriniform fishes
    10. Goldfish and Koi
    11. Freshwater Invertebrates
    12. All other freshwater fishes not conforming to classes listed above.

BOWL SHOW Prizes   

Winning specimens from each class will be awarded a ribbon and cash prizes as follows:  1st place - $50; 2nd Place $25; 3rd Place $10.

A Best-Of-Show Catfish will receive a prize of $150.  

A Best-of-Show All-Freshwater entry will receive a prize of $150.  

A People’s Choice selected by convention registrants from all entries will receive a prize of $150.


    1. The All-Aquarium Catfish Convention 2018 BOWL SHOW will take place between 9 am and 6 pm at the convention on Saturday, October 6, 2018 in the Cirrus Ball Room Pre-Function area.
    2.  You must be registered for the convention to participate in the BOWL SHOW. Walk-in registrations will be available on-site.  A fee of $5 is assessed for each entry to the BOWL SHOW. Entry fees may be paid in advance through the convention web portal or on site.  Entries paid in advance will be identified by the contestant on site (i.e., if you pay in advance you may bring any qualifying entry on the day of the BOWL SHOW.)
    3. You must provide a container for your BOWL SHOW Entries.  Containers must have one flat, clear side. Other sides of the container may not be painted, colored, covered or otherwise ornamented. Only the entry or entries and water are permitted in the container; no decoration, plant or other decor is allowed with the exception of a small (less than one inch in any dimension) clump of moss or hornwort for showing invertebrates such as shrimp.  Containers must be an appropriate size for the specimen shown.  A clear lid may be used for the container, or, convention staff will provide plastic wrap to be used at the contestant’s discretion.  An entry housed in an inappropriate container may be disallowed by BOWL SHOW staff or disqualified by BOWL SHOW judges.
    4. Heat, air or filtration is not provided for entries by the convention.  This BOWL SHOW is a 10-hour event in the hours specified in the BOWL SHOW Rules.  Entries must be housed elsewhere by the contestant for all other times of the convention.  The convention staff will not care for entries beyond the hours of the BOWL SHOW or accept mail-in entries.  A small air pump with a modest air stone (no filter) may be used by the contestant to provide oxygen to the entry.  The convention will provide electrical hookup at various points of the benching areas.  
    5. Participants are responsible for the health and safety of their fish.  It is recommended that contestants bring their own water from home, if possible. The convention will have hotel tap water and dechlorinator available. Participants opting to use hotel tap water will be responsible for treating it themselves.
    6. Entries will be accepted starting at 9 am at the BOWL SHOW.  Entries must be benched by 12 am to be eligible for consideration by the judges.  Judging will take place at 2 pm at which point access to the show by observers and participants will be restricted until judging is complete.  Entries may be removed beginning at 4 pm and must be removed by 6 pm.  Awards will be announced at the Banquet on Saturday evening.  Contestants are encouraged but not required to be present to accept awards.
    7. Judges will assess entries by the size, color, condition and deportment of the entry as compared to standards for each fish. Judges will select 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for each class, as well as a Best-of-Show and Reserve-of-Show from both the catfish entries and the all-species entries. Judges have sole discretion to choose winning entries and at all times the judges’ determination is final.  Judges will be impartial and selected for their expertise in each class they may judge.
    8. Each registered convention guest will receive a People’s Choice Ballot in his or her registration materials to be cast for their favorite BOWL SHOW entry.  One winner from all entrants in the BOWL SHOW will win the People’s Choice award.
    9. Judges and/or BOWL SHOW staff may combine classes with fewer than eight entries.  Judges and/or BOWL SHOW staff may move entries between classes if they are incorrectly benched or misidentified.
    10. Hybrid entries may be included but contestants should recognize that a lack of standards for some hybridized fishes may present challenges for judges to recognize the quality of the entry.
    11. BOWL SHOW staff takes no responsibility for the condition of the entries or containers provided by the contestants at any time during the BOWL SHOW.
    12. Entries can be removed from the BOWL SHOW starting at 6 pm and must be removed before 7 pm.